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Game rules Mon, 14 June 2004 14:36 Go to previous message
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Copy of original game rules in case we start getting fuzzy later on when fancy hulls, torps are tech available and because it is nice reading posts of completed games to know what the game was about to begin with.

Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye (TRANS)

The Federation has collapsed after a severe economic depression and
mutually destructive trade war. Some citizens blamed the giant robots
battling across the planets recklessly destroying cities and using
weaponry capable of snuffing out suns. The motives for this
destruction remain unknown and
nebulous to the masses. The results were obvious as the stars
retreated out of reach of the remaining spots of civilization.

Rising from the ashes of the recent Dark Age are the former provincial
capital planets. Their new leaders, forged in a time when leadership
and the ability to command without question are considered key for
establishing a new beginning, a vibrant... Empire.

And, along with renewed access to the paths of space, ancient archives
have revealed the code keys for activating a moth-balled treasure
trove. Federation Survey Service Transformers. One of the greatest
tools the Federation ever developed, a terrifying weapon as well.

And there is the lingering doubt. Are you the only one who controls
these wonders?


Special Rules:

1] The following ship hulls are off limits. Battleship, Dreadnought,
Nubian, B-52.

2] No components greater than Tech Level 20 can be used on a ship or
station. Two exceptions:
Upsilon Torpedo, and UD13 mass driver.

3] Each race will receive 5 Transformer ships.
(These will be Ultra-Miner hulls with 12 orbital adjustor modules on
Essentially a limited ability to mass terraform.
Players will also have a limited say in the equipping of these ships:
a. Engine (TS-10 or Galaxy Scoop)
b. 12 Orbital Adjustors, or 8 Orbital Adjustors and 4 Mining Robots
(the 25 mine equivalent ones)
c. What component can be placed in the forward armor/scanner/elec/mech
slot of the ship.
Any legal non-PRT specific component can be specified - only
limitation is that scanner is limited to a DNA Scanner.


JRC3/JRC4 on Autohost (after setup)

Non-competitive host

Standard cheat disclaimer. Chaff allowed, split fleet is allowed as
long as it does not resultin battleboard overload (which *is*
considered a cheat). All other cheats/abuses are not allowed. See the
Stars! FAQ (http://www.starsfaq.com) for a sample list, or check the
AH forum.
Cheats not listed are still not allowed; ask the host if you are
unsure about a tactic.

Intermediate skill level players preferred.
Host reserves the right to ask a player to supply a referral or other
proof of skill level or identity. (I have been burned a few times via
hotmail or yahoo addresses - thus I am a bit skittish.)

Generation Schedule: 5 turns a week Tue-Sat 3AM GMT (M-F 10PM US EST)
for the first 50 turns.
Then 3 turns a week (MWF), subject to change during the game by player
vote. This is a "loose" schedule, the turn will generate once all
players have submitted turns.

Game will probably not be submitted to Autohost until after the Easter
weekend. I allow race file modifications until just before I submit
the game.

# of players: up to 10. Plus 1 host run race, depending on the number
of players.

The host run race is to be set to 'friend' by all players. They will
occupy their home world.

Normal density,
Distant starting positions,
ACC BBS start,
Random events off,
Public scores *off*

Un-passworded race files to following address:

Please include:
1. Racefile
2. Password to be assigned to the race
3. Mailing address to be used; if not the address that the message
came from
4. Your experience level
5. Your Autohost Forum nickname (optional)

Please include your password with the file. I will set up the game,
and change your password as indicated. Race files I cannot open
without a password will not be accepted.

I will contact players about getting this additional information:
1. Indications on how you'd like me to run your race for the first few
turns. If no indication is given, then I'll set the queue to factories
then con research to con 3, prop 2, etc.

2. Transformer design. What component to put in the nose slot, and
whether or not the "mining" option Transformer is desired. I will
allow a player to have multiple types, they will just use up more
slots. [Reservation: As long as the host race has enough slots for
building all the types...]

3. If by unanimous consent all players wish the game to be used for
establishing "ranking" per the recently discussed system (see the
Autohost Forum) I will register the game as a ranking game. IF the
game is to be a ranking game I will ask more questions to ascertain
the skill level of the players.

Getting the Transformers produced and distributed will take the first
few turns and will take place outside of Autohost. The players will
start with the 2402 turn (thus the request for details on how you want
initial queues and scouting.)

If interested, send a race file in. I will not reserve slots in a game
based upon a message indicating interest.

Victory Condition:
Solo win only, by unanimous vote. Victor may thank allies if they want
Alliances, tech trading, etc. allowed, but only *one* race will be
declared the winner.


A few race design pointers to keep in mind:
a. RS LRT will probably be useful.
b. ISB LRT might be good (medium beamers < 200kt and can be built by a
space dock).
c. NRSE LRT not recommended given expense of engines relative to
smaller hulls.
d. Rules affect PRT advantages a great deal.
e. CON tech probably NOT cheap. Not much past Con13 that a race might
f. Don't forget you are going to have OA capability equivalent to your
current terraforming.

- Kurt

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