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icon5.gif  Is this still the right formula? Sun, 22 December 2002 15:28 Go to previous message
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I saw some post about how their is a certain amount of minerals you can get from each concentration level on a planet. My Stars! book says very much the opposite


The decrease in mineral concentration is related solely to the number of mines operating on a planet and the number of years them mines have been in operation. For two players with the same number of mines operating over the same number of years, the decrease in concentration will be the same for each.

think about it in terms of Mine years: One Mine years means the operation of one mine on a planet in a year. If you are operating 50 mines per year on a planet, that equates to 50 Mine years.

to calculate approximately how many Mine years must pass to reduce a minerals concentration by one, divide 12,500 by the current mineral concentration.

It goes on to say that decreases in concentration are entirely unaffected by efficiency of mines and that while at 1% a person with more, less efficient mines can produce as many minerals.

However, this means that less but more efficient mines produce at higher concentrations for longer periods of time. It makes me wonder that if you figure out how low you can pull mine numbers for efficiency, then you can make your mineral supply last longer, like how many mines do I need to produce one battleship a year at 80%(average concentrations). It makes me wonder if 16 mines operated is really the best number, since I really only want to pull out what I need and make it last as long as possible. Such as making fewer more expensive, but more efficient mines. If I can put the numbers in the right place for a 1/2 full (or there abouts?) planet to make a battleship a year, but since I have less mines the planet can produce for a longer duration of time.

I've just been wondering why about 16 mines setting in the race wizard is so highly regarded as the optimum number.

Tangent off've more slowly growing races...

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