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I have been informed of the following:

1. Someone has posted a URL on the RGCS newsgroup to the hacker tool that generates Stars! serial numbers.

2. I have heard that someone talked with someone at Empire Interactive who said that they will re-release Stars! 'in a few months'. Confirmed: Empire plans on re-releasing Stars! "in the first half of 2006"

Based on the above, it is not appropriate for me to offer serial numbers to players.

I have contacted those who have made donations for serial numbers, and informed them of the above. I also offered to refund their donations.

Also, I have contacted other people who have asked for serials and let them know the above information.

My decision to offer serial numbers for donations was based on the following:

1. On Empire Interactive's support website here:
http://support.empireinteractive.com/default.aspx?MID=605684 95217F&PID=7B550F5D-2BED-4D5A-8ADE-78B9D6528995
the last item reads (as of April 6, 9pm GMT-5) :
"Q: I would like to buy a copy of the game.

A: This software is no longer avaiable from our store as the item has now been delisted and we do not produce or distribute the software anymore."

2. Stars! was delisted sometime (as I recall) around the middle of Feb. 2006, and many people were wondering if the game would die as there was no legal source from which to purchase serial numbers.

3. Someone used an 'throw-away' Yahoo email account to send me the URL to a serial number generator for Stars! which had been created in 1997 by a hacker.

4. I contacted one of Stars! authors, who said that given that Empire wasn't selling it anymore, he had no problem with the serial number generator being used.

5. Of the two plans to allow new players to play Stars!, using the serial number generator was the easiest.

6. Just giving out serials for free might encourage a few less-ethical players to get a bunch of serials and use them to cheat in games. (Stars! AutoHost tracks serial number use and can ban individual serials from playing in any game hosted on SAH if the player using that serial has willfully cheated in a game.)

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Ron Miller
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