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Super King-Of-The-Hill (Super KOTH) Mon, 13 October 2003 05:58 Go to previous message
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Are you Game? (Read Below for details)[ 16 votes ]
1. YOU BET! 4 / 25%
2. Sure but not right now 5 / 31%
3. Yeah if you change something 1 / 6%
4. Na.. Too busy 5 / 31%
5. No, I don't like KOTH at all 1 / 6%

Once again I gauge the interest of this community with one of my wonderful surveys!

Today's Survey.. I'm planning on setting up a "Super KOTH" game. (if you wanna know what KOTH is refer to thread title.)

-What's so super about this? How is this idea different than standard KOTH?

-First off, Standard KOTH setup: Host publicly says planets X, Y, Z, whatever, are the "hills" winner holes X many at year Y.

That's easy enough.

1) I collect Players and Gen map
2) I pick 5 planets and "Genetically Enhance" them. (So to speak.)
3) I DON'T TELL the players their EXACT locations, (They are after all SO unusual, you'll know one when you find it.)
4) I figure out some cleaver little clues to help you find them, like defining general areas.
5) I accept the first round of X files locally and gen to get it in sync and make sure things are running smoothly.
6) I get it up on Autohost and we play.

-I'd also planned on playing as a neutral trade race, (for an added bit of interest, I thought it could be fun if I'm the only IT player and allied to all.)

+WIN conditions: he who's team owns all the super worlds for... 5 years, perhaps more if public demand, demands it. (I'll let you form your own teams.. Preferably in game, [more intersting].)

-NO This isn't a game announcement, this is a concept viablity test. As in, is it WORTH announcing?

-Feed Back is desired.. OH and here's a snap shot of one of the "Super Planets" I engineered.
(Note: If you question the image, I've got M files more to back it up.)

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