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2450 - 59k resources Sun, 13 July 2008 23:56 Go to previous message
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Wow... I have got close to 50k resources with an IT, but I am amazed at the growth of resources for an AR. (This is the first time I seriously tested them, knowing that I had to clear the queue of the initial starter colony immediately after colonization.)

This is in a small packed testbed with 8 random expert AI's to make me simulate some ship building, and having to take away some planets fairly early for growth. And I played it with all expensive, but against humans I would have to take cheap weapons (or maybe cheap con and normal weapons and try and trade for the weapons, if I was feeling brave)

I would like to discuss the merits of Energy expensive, start at 3 checked for AR. (maybe all expensive except weapons) These extra resources can be plowed back into energy research to stay ahead for a few turns at least, and can be used at great advantage in any other cheap categories, or for ship building.

This is interesting, because it gave me an immediate over 50% boost in resources right from the 1st turn(N3 instead of N1). and I immediately had red lasers, and destroyers to make boosters. (I made scout boosters in this game, but will do destroyer boosters in my next improved try) And immediately prop 3 for the long hump (not great, but ok with boosters)(no IFE), and the medium frieghter. I had 3.55k resources by 2420, instead of just 2k. (over 10k at 2430) Yes, my research was a bit slower, but my resources and thus ship building, and thus spread speed was *much* faster. I built quite a few potato bugs, reasoning that if I was high in resources, I should divert a good chunk of the excess to minerals for mid game warship building needs. I had rad immune, both for the slightly better hab, and for the use of the radram for colonists.

At 2450, I have 59k resources, 260 potato bugs, and over 200 colloid FFs. My tech is 16/12/10/13/5/4. I only got 2 Ls and one level of C early from the AI. At the moment, I am headed for C17 for Death Stars(3 turns), but again, against humans would prolly need W1

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