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 Topic: RNN:Robinn Scout pilot killed in Ancient mine fields
icon4.gif  RNN:Robinn Scout pilot killed in Ancient mine fields Fri, 20 February 2004 11:57
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Shocked BREAKING NEWS! Shocked

The rumours of a Robinn scout having been destroyed in a Ancient Mine field have now been made official by the Imperial House.
a few cycles away a Robinn civilian scout ships of BlueBird model hit a mine field of Ancient origin, the ship was piloted by an experienced pilot but he seemed to have been taken completely by surprised, his ship was pulverized in the shock, no body was found but the pilot is probably deceased.
The pilot was returning to his planet of origin Delta when the incident occurred to visit friends and relatives.
The pilot was well liked in his neighbourhood and leaves behind a wife and three children. Sad
A transport ship also en route to Delta avoided the catastrophe and managed to reduced its speed just in time, it contained thousands of civilians.
The Mine field has its origin on Buttercup an Ancient planet on the Ancient /Robinn frontier which was originally claimed by the Robinn Empire but was given to the Ancient Order after some negotiations. It goes deep into Robbin territory and now engulf several Robinn planets.
On Delta the news was first met with sadness Sad then anger Mad,
-"We feel besieged" the governor of the planet Sir Robinn tells us , "with mines all around us , the communication to other systems is greatly limited, how would you like it if you waked up one day and your house was surrounded by deadly traps that's how we feel today on Delta".
"We knew they would troubles right away when they moved in Buttercup , if you ask me they should have never been there in the first place."
The Ancient government has sent official excuses and condolences to the Robinns but insist on its stance on laying mines based on security reasons.
-"We don't buy that , Sir Robinn responded when we told him, security from what? we are just farmers around here, and as far as i know their core system is far away , if we wanted Buttercup that badly we would not have let them colonize it that's it, what they're doing is not only uncivilised, it's rude, you don't lay mines in the middle of a frontier especially when half of those mines are directly in Robinn space, we shouldn't put up with that.
The official message from the Imperial House is more cooled
-Our diplomats are in touch, we are confident that a satisfactory solution will be found in the near future for both of our governments.
Confronted with the rumours that the Ancients are using the mines in a strategy of pushing their frontier further south into Robinn territories the answer is more careful:
-"Those are just rumours, we believe the Ancient more wise than using such disgraceful tactics to get more space, beside in such a eventuality the empire would defend itself and i think the Ancients know that.As it is now, i believe the Ancient will realize that a mine field in this area will cause more harms than good and remove it."
Many however refute that as concessions were already made from the Robinn side by pushing the frontier south and giving the Ancient a planet which technically belonged to the Robinns.
More news on the subject will come as soon as we get them.
Its back to the studios for us , and wish you all viewers out there a good evening

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