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Forum: Babylon Five
 Topic: Fleet Movements
Fleet Movements Tue, 11 January 2005 10:02
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Chief Warrant Officer 2

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Location: Vancouver, WA

This is an official report from
The Vorlons

regarding a common enemy...

Yr 2534

Fleet Name______________X_______Y______Planet__Destination
Drakh Privateer #4 _____1041____1061 Gordon
Drakh BloodSucker #5____1393____1937
Drakh Privateer #14_____1256____1145 Draco
Drakh BloodSucker #23___1433____2017
Drakh BloodSucker #27___2234____2404
Drakh BloodSucker+ #28__1566____1954
Drakh BloodSucker #33___1256____1145 Draco
Drakh Privateer #34_____1220____1134 Pervo
Drakh BloodSucker+ #35__2096____2478
Drakh BloodSucker+ #36__1642____1914
Drakh Frigate+ #37______1694____1976
Drakh BloodSucker #38___1578____1911 Carter
Drakh Frigate #40_______1079____1096
Drakh Frigate #41_______1775____1840
Drakh BloodSucker #44___1631____2046
Drakh BloodSucker #45___1472____2020
Drakh Privateer #46_____1220____1134 Pervo
Drakh BloodSucker #48___1256____1145 Draco
Drakh Privateer #49_____1308____1089 Mirror
Drakh Privateer #50_____1256____1145 Draco

Perhaps this will be of some use. The Drakh still possess some remnants of a fleet, after all.

[Updated on: Tue, 11 January 2005 10:05]

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 Topic: Babylon Five Christmas
Babylon Five Christmas Thu, 23 December 2004 05:47
donjon is currently offline donjon

Lt. Commander

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Registered: November 2002
Location: Benque Viejo del Carmen, ...

Greetings All,

As we prepare to retire and celebrate the Christmas cheer,
As we huddle down and rest uneasy, with Shadow fear;
I give you a gift -- to peruse, and hope it will be
spirit-lifting -- from the WWW library:
Kevin G. J. Freels wrote in 1996:

A Babylon Five Christmas
(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through B-Five,
We were all struggling
To keep our best hope alive.

The fighters were hung
In the hangers with care,
In case any Shadows
Appeared from thin air.

The Aliens were hiding
All scared in their quarters,
While visions of holocaust
Raced 'cross their borders.

With Susan and Michael,
And I in C-N-C,
We had to keep lookout
For trouble, you see.

When right out of space dock,
There arose a commotion,
I sprang from my console
To set Security in motion.

Away to the docks
I ran quite abrupt,
My PPG loaded
And fully charged up.

When what do my wondering
Eyes look upon?
One of the Vorlons,
Encounter suit on.

I suddenly thought of
My father, by Gosh!
I knew in a minute
It had to be Kosh.

He was dressed in his helmet,
With flowing dark robes,
And looked like he filled up
With several small strobes.

His "eye" -- how it twinkled!
His shoulders -- so strong!
And how does he hover
For so very long?

More distant than galaxies,
His simple voice came.
We heard all the wind chimes
As he called us by name:

"On Sheridan! On Susan!
On Delenn and Lennier!
On Michael! On Marcus!
You've always been here!".

"To the edge of the stars
The Shadows will call.
Now run away! Run Away!
Run away all!"

And then, in a twinkling,
In my mind did appear,
All of my friends
Looking quite queer!

All of them asking,
"Do you know who you are?"
They seemed to talking
From near and from far.

And there was my father,
"Dad, why are you here?",
I asked. But he answered,
"Listen and hear!".

The room was then filled
With such music and lights!
It really unnerved me,
And gave me the frights!

I stood there and listened,
As was my duty.
And then said the Vorlon,
"A moment of Beauty."

Then a wink of his "eye",
And a twist of his head.
Soon gave me to realize
I don't know just what he said!

He spoke no more words,
Just whistles and chimes.
I hate when he does that!
(It bugs me at times!).

Into his ship
He disappeared fast,
And out through the space doors
He left in a blast!

The others said, "What
Did he say to you?".
To which I replied,
"I haven't a clue!"

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 Topic: Gate Costs
Gate Costs Thu, 16 December 2004 05:32
donjon is currently offline donjon

Lt. Commander

Messages: 805
Registered: November 2002
Location: Benque Viejo del Carmen, ...

Price List
Bare Hulls with any/300 Gate:
Name                    Hull            Iron.   Bor.    Germ.   Armour  Years
Basic Gate*             Platform        140     40      120     100     4(6**)
Basic Gate Dock         Dock            50      20      30      250     5
Basic Gate Starbase     Starbase        115     70      190     500     6***
Basic Gate Ultra        Ultra           150     100     300     1000    8***
*       This is the Starter Hull, all planets must start with this hull.
**      Years to build on red Planet(afterwards terraform kicks in)
***     Assuming 200K on planet.

Armoured Hulls with any/300 Gate:
Note: Armour used is neutronium, and Shield is bear,
No weapons will be placed on orbital, it will be the responsibility of the
"owning" player(s) to ensure the Gate does not get destroyed.
Name                    Hull            Iron.   Bor.    Germ.   Armour  Shield  Years
Armoured Gate           Gate            220     40      90      3400    1200    6***
Armoured Gate Dock      Dock            410     70      150     6850    2400    11***
Armoured Gate Starbase  Starbase        600     140     350     9300    3200    9****
Armoured Gate Ultra     Ultra           750     150     500     12000   4000    11****

****    Assuming 400K on planet.

Thanks Goober, and Dennis Wink

[Updated on: Thu, 16 December 2004 11:31]

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 Topic: The Rules
The Rules Sat, 13 November 2004 06:41
donjon is currently offline donjon

Lt. Commander

Messages: 805
Registered: November 2002
Location: Benque Viejo del Carmen, ...

Play Restrictions:
  • Chaff and Split-Fleet Dodge are allowed, any other published or non-published cheats are disallowed.
  • The Orbital device named "Stargate" in any guise does not exist.
    - ie. do not build it, the ISN will know as soon as it goes into orbit and the race which builds it will become immediately inactive until a suitable penalty can be determined.
  • However, the "Jumpgate" IS an acceptable device if you can figure out how to get it Wink

INACTIVITY- During the Second Phase, the Ancient races will follow inactive rules for submission of moves.
1) By default they are "inactive" meaning they may submit one move every three turns.
2) If they are "attacked" they may become "active" meaning they may submit turns for five moves.
3) All turn submissions during this time must be done via the hosts... ie. they DO NOT KNOW THEIR UPLOAD PASSWORDS.

DEFEATED- All victory conditions are based on the defeat of the Ancient Homeworlds. This means eradication of population on the planets.

Victory Conditions:
  • The Shadows win the game if the Vorlon HW is defeated by the Shadow or members of "The Shadow Servants."
  • The Vorlon win the game if the Shadow HW is defeated by the Vorlon or members of "The Bringers of Light."
  • The Interstellar Alliance wins if the Vorlon and Shadow HWs are defeated by the members of "The Interstellar Alliance."

For the lesser races:
  • If they are allied with Vorlons and the Vorlon win, they win with Vorlons;
  • If they are allied with Shadow and the Shadow win, they win with Shadows;
  • If they are allied with the Interstellar Alliance and the Alliance wins, they win with the Alliance.
  • If a lesser race defeats both the Vorlon and Shadow HWs alone, they claim a decisive victory.

Ranking:The winning team will win an advance, and the most losing team will receive a decrement.

The Host Races:
  • The Gate Network{aka donjon}
    - builds gates for all races requesting gates
    - this will be done on a first come first served basis
    - the requesting race will have to supply minerals totalling the cost of the gate constructed in terms of minerals and resources.
    * At present view the cost of a gate will be: 140kt Ironium, 40kt boranium, 120 kt germanium and will require 4 years to construct.
    - gates will be any/300 and any race will be given information of connecting gates within range of a gate where they are present.
  • The Interstellar News Network{aka Shadow Whist}
    - will supply "information" and "misinformation" to all races
    - this will be done via whim and blackmail by the ISN.
    - what is true and what is false will eventually come out in the wash as well
    - will maintain this present forum, if you wish to post on the forum please PM Shadow Whist the item and he will post it if he sees fit Smile

First Phase: (2400-2500):
"Signs and Portents"
  • Shadow and Vorlons build their economy and increase their research.
  • Neither race can move population into orbit in this phase.
  • They can build scouts to know the universe or Remote Miners to get more minerals.
  • No colonization or mine fields at this time.
  • No combat allowed in this phase to any race, including Ancient ones. Vorlon and Shadows can build fleets if they want but these must stay in HW until 2500.

During this phase turns will advance at 5/gen... basically the host races and ancient races will submit 5 turns worth of orders and then get to view situation before submitting again.
BALANCE IDEA: At the end of this phase Vorlon OR Shadow Economic/Research alone should be superior to the sum of economics/research of all minor races, but equal to each other. Vorlon and Shadows should also have knowledge about the universe and some combat fleets they can use next phase... They have only 1 world (HW).

Second Phase (2500-2565):
"The Coming of the Shadows"
  • Lesser Races may now submit turns.
  • Ancients move using inactive rules (defined above.)
  • Ancients may colonize.
  • Ancients can attack any races fleets and each others colonies.
  • No homeworlds may be attacked.
  • Ancients may "gift" races with ships consisting of "one ply" only of advanced technology.
  • Diplomacy
    - at the end of this phase alliances will be revealed.
    - There will be three sets of alliances, The Shadow Servants (max 3 lesser races+Shadows), The Bringers of Light (max 3 lesser races+Vorlon), The Interstellar Alliance (the remainder of the lesser races)

BALANCE IDEA: At the end of this phase, the "Vorlon + Shadow" economics should be equal to the sum of each lesser race, and equal to each other. Shadow and Vorlon plays a really "tricky and diplomatic game" choosing which minor race will be "recruited". They can attack each other, or minor races fleets only. Minor races can attack each others fleets and colonies. All races survive this phase as no HW can be attacked.

Third Phase (2565+):
"Point of No Return"
  • No move restrictions, ancient races are fully mobilized.
  • Alliances are now published, any hidden alliances are now displayed.

By this time, vorlon and shadows are running against the clock. Their economies should drop below others as time passes, their permanent allies will help them a bit, but the Interstellar Alliance is now a true rival... Open war begins....

[Updated on: Sat, 04 December 2004 10:57]

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