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Forum: Sky Harbor III
 Topic: New Century
icon10.gif  New Century Thu, 14 August 2003 06:14
Misza is currently offline Misza

Petty Officer 2nd Class

Messages: 59
Registered: February 2003
Location: Poland / Wroclaw
Greetings to everybody!

On the occasion of the coming of the new century,
the Miszans would like to wish every other race in the universe
that the 26th century be as fruitful as the previous one,
that your mines yield a bounty of germanium,
that your scientists make wondrous discoveries
and that the hyperspace be kind to your ships. Teleport
And now it's time for an almost two-week celebration! Cheers

Best Regards,
General Misza, President of the Miszan Republic

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 Topic: speach at the fireplace
icon10.gif  speach at the fireplace Tue, 03 June 2003 23:57
dimych is currently offline dimych

Crewman 1st Class

Messages: 26
Registered: March 2003
Location: Russia
Brothers and sisters!
My People!
Collegues emperors, presidents or whatever else you prefer to be named.
read my lips!
Nana nana bubu seems like my nation is heading to extinction at full throttle. and many along the way are eager to give us a hand in speeding the process. It has been a nightmare to come back to governing after a short break spent apart from my people. Eek
Unfortunately, our Great Fleet was not able to destroy those Evil Forces. My people would be glad to know that all my admirals are duly tortured and confessed voluntarily in numerous cases of treachery, theft and misconduct. And we look forward to even more shocking facts revealed by our glorious patriots at Special Police Dept. (tune in for LIVE broadcast of former Admiral Huno interrogation today on First 2 minutes are absolutely free than only 9.99 Sht$ per hour!)
Right now i'm doing my best to pack up my personal yacht with what i have earned while serving self-denyingly my people. Donations from patriots are accepted at 1-800-SAVE-THE-EMPEROR. You are free not to call this number Twisted Evil , i promise, that SPD will not touch those who chose not to help Our Beloved Emperor (which is me). But we may not guarantee them from wrath of our patriots! Lists of those who already called will be published weekly in The New Rise newspaper.
You can trust me on one thing - we will fight untill the last supercargo vessels and my yacht filled with my personal belongings will depart from my castle.
Stay united! protect your best friend - your emperor!
Sincerely yours,
Shtirlyugi's emperor

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 Topic: Trading & Alliances
icon7.gif  Trading & Alliances Sun, 25 May 2003 09:37
pquinton is currently offline pquinton

Crewman 1st Class

Messages: 23
Registered: March 2003
Location: Lancashire, England
Does anyone out there wish to set up a trading agreement?

Can anyone reveal any info regarding any alliances, NAP out there?


Nosey Phil <Wretch High Command>

"...man, that was potent!"

[Updated on: Sun, 25 May 2003 09:37]

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 Topic: Paging all CA's
Paging all CA's Fri, 09 May 2003 06:23


Messages: 1343
Registered: November 2002
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

I have a proposition to make which you will be interested in. Reply in private.

[Updated on: Fri, 09 May 2003 06:24]

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 Topic: Energy 7 tech trade offer
Energy 7 tech trade offer Tue, 29 April 2003 15:43
ViperLSS is currently offline ViperLSS

Crewman 2nd Class

Messages: 11
Registered: March 2003
Location: Michigan

It seems that we were not fast enough for one race in building our tech trade ships. Because of this we have put these ships up for auction to any race in our galaxy.
We have 10 level 7 energy. These ship will give the receiving race 2 tech levels.
All offers are to be sent via personal message on this forum.

[Updated on: Tue, 29 April 2003 15:44]

I build the fastest sports car built in the U.S.

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 Topic: Early Generation
Early Generation Mon, 03 March 2003 18:30
Ashlyn is currently offline Ashlyn

Lt. Commander

Messages: 833
Registered: November 2002
Location: Pueblo CO USA

Well, thats one way to get your 5 turns in - in a week. Embarassed

I don't know what happened. Autohost should have skipped the generation, me thinks. Bounce

Anyone give me an guess of how much time between the two generations??? I'll ask Ron Very Happy

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