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GNN special Report Fri, 04 July 2003 06:53
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This is GNN Reporter Cliver Andeson bringing you news of an unprovoked and shockingly successful Surprise Attack!! Early numbers place casualties in the Hundreds of Thousands! Madness reigns as Imperium colonists and ships perish in the fiery death being unleashed over Mobius and Cherry.

Rumors indicate several Maker fleets are responsible for the carnage. The disgraced general Ribolo's name has been whispered, shouted and cursed in the short time since word arrived. No Imperium official has made a statement but there were strong denials of involvement from the Makers' Communications Department.

Maker Councilwoman Icina Frogeater had this to say:
"We are a peaceful and tactful people. Read our manifesto! We do NOT make unprovoked attacks. Such are the ways of madmen. You can be sure of one thing. Justice will be served. Even now we are building a fleet of cruisers solely for the neutralization of this threat to peaceful relations. Ribolo, the N.M.W. or whomever is responsible will be captured and socially adjusted. Thankyou."

On behalf on GNN this is Cliver Andeson saying Good night: "Good night."

If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten.

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