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icon4.gif  A few reminders Fri, 09 May 2003 17:49


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- ALL players except your teammates will be set to enemy (neutral party will check from time to time), battle orders will be set to attack enemies (unless in special cases when you want to infiltrate enemy minefiels without sweeping).
- No bug/feature listed in the NG FAQ is allowed, except for chaff and fleet dodge (if you can get it to work). You can find a good (but not complete!) bug list at http://www.starsfaq.com/bugs.htm or here at the forum in The Academy (which is a bit more complete).
- Passwords will not change unless you send the new one(s) to the third party, this to find replacements should a team suddenly disappear.

Addition: race#1 must be set to friend, in return Ken will set you to enemy. Wink His HW is Stinky Socks, you may visit it but there is nothing there that would interest you. Wink

Victory conditions:
There will be five Target planets, one at each outer corner of the pentagon, and one Target planet in the center (six in total). The winner of the game is the team that owns the most target planets at the year 2500. If there is a tie, then the game will be extended in 10 year sections until the tie is broken. If at any time one team owns 4 or more of the target planets, then that team is declared the winner immediately.
To own a Target planet, it must be colonized and have population there.

These are the target planets:
No Respect, Quarter, Dachshund, Pyxidis, Grim Reaper and Dipstick.


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