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icon7.gif  Stars! Nova 0.4.2 Release Sat, 20 May 2017 06:53 Go to next message
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Stars! Nova developer

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Stars! Nova 0.4.2 has been released: https://sourceforge.net/projects/stars-nova/

This is a developmental release (alpha) and should not be considered a full playable game. It is released for members of the community interested the ongoing development of Stars! Nova and to obtain feedback. Please read the current bug tracker. Running Stars! Nova requires some effort to work around current known issues.

Thanks to all those who provided feedback on 0.4.1. Many of the issues raised have been addressed. Others have been added to the bug or feature trackers.

Bug Tracker: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?limit=25&group_id=18874 4&atid=926545&status=1&status=1

Feature Tracker: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=188744&atid=92 6548

Here is a summary of what has been done in this release:

Launcher & New Game Wizard:
- Updated the web link.
- New games are now created in their own folder.
- Major rebuild of the way stars are positioned on the map (density based star generation system).
- Options added to the new game wizard for controlling star positioning.
- Races are renamed if two of the same name are selected.
- Added a starting scout ship and colony ship.
- HE starts with three mini colony ships.
- Starting population is now 25k / 100k for accelerated.
- Removed all use of windows registry values.

- Fleets now have the correct amount of armor.
- Corrected planet growth calculations.
- Colonization now works!
- Can build starbases on new planets.
- Major revision of the fleet combat engine. Many bug fixes. Fleet combat is playable but not yet consistent with Stars!
- Minor improvements to turn order, still a long way from the proper Stars! turn order.
- Invasion now works.
- Ship's without scanner's no longer scan planets.
Client GUI:
- The research dialog now reports the correct number of resources required to reach the next tech level.
- Significant rework of research calculations.
- Significant rework of links between the map and the planet/fleet detail and summary displays.
- Added tooltips to the Fleet Detail control to display damage / armor remaining.
- Can delete ship designs.
- Can merge/split fleets! Still have some fuel glitches with merge/split.
- Added some more information to the battle viewer. Some of this is just for debugging and will be cleaned up later.
- Battle viewer now shows the step when weapons fire (in text).
- Population on the planet is now updated after beaming colonists up.
- Can build defenses.
- Major rebuild of the planetary production system.
- Added scanning.
- Added more messages.
- Added the ability to rename a fleet, however the new paint washes off quickly.
- Arrow keys now scroll the map.
- Added (working) cargo (and fuel) transfer dialog.
- Attempting to invade an empty planet now messages 'send a colony ship' to player.
- Added more ship icons!
- Added context menu selection (right click on map) for fleets/planets. (Can still cycle through them with left click.)
- Added mouse wheel zoom control.
- Improved map drawing, scrolling and zooming.
- Add a plasma background to the star map (can be turned off with the Bkg button above the map).
- Supposedly added a tooltip for planet population, but Dan can't find it. (Aeglos Rev# 506?)
- Fixed the warp speed slider.
- It's now possible to remove some items from a ship design (but not the last one).

Race Designer:
- Leftover points are now used instead of wasted.
- Some improvements to cost calculations - not quite there yet.
- Added immunities (at a fixed cost).

- Now conducts research.
- Now builds only as many factories as can be operated.
- Now builds 'sensible' mines.
- Now builds defenses.
- Added a lock file to prevent the AI from trying to do its turn twice or more.
- Fixed lots of game crash issues. Game should be a lot more stable.
- Fleets can now hold more fuel / cargo than one ship. Still some issues filling up with fuel.
- All persistence files are now in human readable (with effort) XML format.
- File encryption is currently disabled for debugging.
- Nova can now find all of the files it uses.
- Implemented a system of issuing orders from the client to the server, which will enable easier checking of their validity.
- Complete rework of the waypoint system.
- Can now delete selected waypoints & tasks (del / backspace).
- More integration of the original Nova applications into one program.
- Added the Super Fuel Transport hull. Fixed some other hull designs.
- Fixed research / tech advancement.
- Partial implementation of cheep engines LRT (but they are not cheap yet, just nasty).
- Player's home world no longer disappears.
- Player's now start with a starbase, and it doesn't evaporate.
- Player relations now default to enemy in two player game.
- Added original Stars! gravity values.
- Corrected Trans-Galactic drive fuel usage.
- Colony ships with no colonization module can no longer colonize.

Component Editor:
- Now calculates fastest free warp speed on the fly.

- Added a file "command-line.txt" that lists the command line usage for Nova.exe

Have fun.

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Re: Stars! Nova 0.4.2 Release Tue, 22 August 2017 16:35 Go to previous message
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Just downloaded it and, like you said, can't get it to run! (Win 10 64 bit).

Fear not, I'm not even annoyed by this - please just keep up the good work, Daniel - we're all well used to having to wait Smile


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