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Re: -f benchmarks (IT or ithers) Thu, 20 September 2012 11:27 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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-f HE has very small planets (50% of the size of mine) - so overall needs much less of each mineral per planet - of course they will also be able to operate fewer mines due to a lower population...

I've done some more tweaking and might take it to a human opponent in the next few weeks...

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trophy.gif  Re: -f benchmarks (IT or ithers) Mon, 01 October 2012 13:58 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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After a couple of tests this race actually does pretty well. I'd been terraforming too much, too early.

Given a small universe and the ability trade for penscans I'd take this into a game. Of course the MT scanners can be useful too...

Of course I designed for an intersettling alliance, but who with?
-f or +f isn't important, not NAS and not OBRM would both be advantageous.
You either end up with a hyper -f or a -f start, +f end game.

If you allied with a late game race then the gate network is always valuable, despite any difference in resource or mineral production.

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Re: -f benchmarks (IT or ithers) Mon, 01 October 2012 15:25 Go to previous message
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for the minesettings.

10/3/8 or even lesser is playable for a -F HE as they have much more planets then the other races and could do so a great balance with only around 500 Resources to build something.

10/3/10 is playable for all -F Races. You should be ok with minerals for all the game or at least not more Problem then other races with it. As you play with 11/3/17 or so for a HP or even better you have still lesser minerals for the Planet Resources !

Sure it is every time better to go with more then you need to skip MM but it will weak your race at the other end. Thats the reasone we not all play Faktories 15/5/25 and mines 25/2/25.

But for all the other Postes around that likes math it is real easy. Take the Resources from your Planets and then take the minerals you get in a year. Resources / Minerals = X and X will show you how fast you run in trouble with minerals at the Planets. So if you want to skip MM take a higher nummber if you want to go for MM it could be a little bit shorter. But all of you will see that the -F 10/3/10
has much more Minerals per Resources then most other Races. So Playing a - F with 10/3/10 is possible for sure and i would even say you should do it and spend the Points in more Planets or something else usfull:P


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