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Stars! Nova Feb11 update Sat, 26 February 2011 17:18 Go to next message
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It has been a while.

Progress in Stars! Nova has slowed down since the release of Starcraft II. While we have not met our goals for a new release over the x-mas period there has still been some significant progress. I certainly have had a bit more time for Nova in the past few weeks so it is time for an update and to think about when I can put a new release together, hopefully before June.

There have been big improvements in the production queue interface and a lot of behind the scenes work to improve the structure of the Stars! Nova code. There have also been a lot of little fixes that improve the playability of the game.

There are currently some high priority issues to be fixed before we can do a release such as the home world allocation problem and a few known issues that cause a crash. I would also like to have a go at fixing the linux flicker issue and getting the new ship images in-game before a release.

Until then, here is a more or less complete summary of what has happened since I last updated you:

- Partial production is now possible (i.e. a starbase can now be built if it requires several turns).
- Fixed an issue that caused a planet taken by invasion not to change owner.
- The .intel file is now in XML format.
- Fixed an issue which caused an exception on the bombing message.
- Ships without scanners no longer scan planets.
- Fixed Issue #3022199: Ships slow down to free warp speed.
- Fixed Issue #3022234: Colony ships without colonization module can't colonize.

- The Years to Complete Items in the Production Queue are now displayed, with several improvements.
- Added the "--- Top of Queue ---" or "--- Queue is Empty ---" placeholders to the top of the Production Queue and improved the way items are added to the queue.
- The current starbase design is no longer shown in the available designs for the production queue.
- It is now possible to remove items 1/10/100 at a time from the production queue.
- The design cost is now displayed in the production queue.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Nova GUI to crash when the first game message was posted with a null Type.
- Planet population is now updated in the GUI when pop is loaded onto a fleet.
- Partial fix to issue #3021599 - Warp Speed Slider. Slider size increased slightly as suggested by cybergenisis.
- Graph to display engine fuel usage added to ship design dialog.
- Modified the ResourceDisplay control so it expands properly (space for values grows/shrinks).
- It is now possible to remove components in the ship designer by dragging them outside their original hull slot.
- Fixed issue #3025910: Exception on prev/next star.

- Restructure of the AI code to separate the AI runner from the AI proper.

- Corrected fuel usage for Trans-Galactic drive.

- Added a file for command line compilation of nova.
- Added a tool 'GameFileInflator' to unzip game files for debugging purposes.
- Updated class diagram for all objects inheriting from Item, including the Fleet/Ship hierarchy.

- Eliminated most MonoDevelop compiler warnings.
Mostly unused methods and variables that were assigned to, but never read.
Only warning that remains is the assigned, but unread "temp" variable in ComponentEditorWindow.OnLoad(). This variable is required for a temporary workaround as described by the comments preceding the variable declaration.

Have fun.

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Daniel wrote on Sat, 26 February 2011 23:18

the home world allocation problem

Oh ho. I've had some trouble with that one too. Wall Bash Do you want them nicely spaced or do you want it done fast? Apparently can't have both! Hit Computer

So many Stars, so few Missiles!

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Re: Stars! Nova Feb11 update Sun, 27 February 2011 00:13 Go to previous message

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m.a@stars wrote on Sat, 26 February 2011 18:19

Do you want them nicely spaced or do you want it done fast? Apparently can't have both! Hit Computer

I have three types of service: good, fast and cheap.
You may choose any two.
Good and fast won't be cheap.
Good and cheap won't be fast.
Fast and cheap won't be good.

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