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The ARvids and you :) Wed, 25 June 2008 16:36 Go to next message
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http://groups.google.de/group/rec.games.computer.stars/brows e_frm/thread/38c19fb5c5b16654/c76d9b20517c76e2?tvc=1&hl= de#c76d9b20517c76e2

The ARvids. I've heard of the race before but this was the first time I actually saw it. Granted is was made back in 1997 but it is stil considered a monster and a good starting point. I decided I could do better Very Happy (I did kinda) But what i found was something even more interesting. I modified the race and did an exact same testbed....

Now this is the ARvids:

Grav immune, Temp 4c to 84c, Rad 66 to 86 ( 1 in 21 hab )
Growth rate 19%
Coefficient of 10
Energy, Const, and Weaps all -50%
Elect, Prop, and Bio all +75%
+75% start at level 3
zero points left over

And this is my modified one, with changes in bold (Nethers):

Grav immune, Temp 28c to 140c, Rad 41 to 85 ( 1 in 7 hab )
Growth rate 17%
Coefficient of 10
Energy and Const -50%
Weap Normal

Elect, Prop, and Bio all +75%
+75% NOT start at level 3
5 points left over

First I'll start by explaying the differences and the reasons behind them.

- NAS: Pen scanners. On the one hand you as AR need them for advanced warning of plannet hopping fleets and needs something to trade, on the other hand larger scan radius is good to see incoming ships, esp. cloaked, and as a primarily "ally" type race you can get pen scans from an ally. Also nice point mine Razz

- Habs: an AR is NOT an HP, it can't get a ton of resources from a few large greens, it needs more planets, not as much as a -f perhaps but it is after all a -f race AND there's the "Spreading pop = more res" AR thing. The habs are still narrow so you get good planets, most/all will be really good greens/yellows and 90%+, nice big fat green/yellow planets. I can also lose more planets and it'll have a smaller impact in my economy but I'll have more planets to defend.

- 17% Growth: It's a bit low but we all know ARs are strapped for points and

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Re: The ARvids and you :) Wed, 25 June 2008 21:26 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I agree, and think that's a much better race in general, as the ARvids flop in non-testbeds.

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Re: The ARvids and you :) Sat, 12 July 2008 01:24 Go to previous message
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ARvids are not a good race Smile Your modification is a massive improvement.

Regarding your improvements... I'd steer away from weap normal for AR - too dangerous, as you really *have* to be able to keep pace with your opponents weapons tech. Basically, you should assume you're starting next to a -f or risk a very fast and early death. If you spot a -f close by, show him some advanced weapons tech nice and early so he goes to chew on someone else, or you will die.

I'd also avoid LSP, but people love to debate that one for AR... ARvids original race got away with it because it had a too-high growth rate. 17% is still a tad high IMO, for a 1/10, so maybe you can afford it.

Regarding the habs... Try to keep one hab at 30 wide maximum, preferably narrower. The points you get by narrowing that, put into the other hab. This will give you faster results from your first few clicks of terraforming - this has a huge impact on AR performance.

[Updated on: Sat, 12 July 2008 01:25]

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