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Early game tech race. Sat, 26 January 2008 20:00 Go to next message

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Ok, this is driving me spare as my preferences keep changing depending on the situation - but I feel like this is one area I think there should be an underlying preference. Razz

All things being equal (say average min cincs, etc) what's your favourite first tech rush if you have a non-IFE IS and why?
* Get radram Pvts as quickly as possible and don't let pop go above 25%?
* Just run for Con8 and stuff pop - you can quickly fix it later?
* Run for Con8, but (try to) contain pop at 25%?
* Something else?

OK, here is a hypothetical scenario. Let's forget early war and the need for W for a moment. Let's pretend our nearest breeders are OK for distance but not brilliant - say, one is 128ly away and the next is 164ly (in the opposite direction). Finally, lets say there are quite a few breeders near that further one.

Would you be inclined to skip the nearest breeder and run for the *next* nearest from the get go? (Doing so is probably going to slow down your tech rush if you try to hold at 25% because of the excessive need to build ships?)

Any and all thoughts are welcomed. Smile


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Re: Early game tech race. Sat, 26 January 2008 22:05 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Radram pvts, definately.
I don't think you'll get con8 without stuffing your pop.

If you have NRSE, then any-engine pvts with boosters to get your export will keep you going. Try to stay at 25%, but if you really have to it can pay off to go as high at 33% for a short period (in this case, getting con8 sooner can help avoid more serious overcrowding in the case where you run out of minerals to build freighters.)

As a -f... I'd go: pvt->radram->SGFS->LF->TGFS in terms of pop export (but I'll be wanting to grab some other techs along the way)

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Re: Early game tech race. Sun, 27 January 2008 10:00 Go to previous message


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Cheap prop? Radram first, else skip and rush to LFs.

Go for the further breeder. The closer one will be waiting for you, the other one might not. If there are other good planets more reason to go there ASAP.


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