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Why ban IT from taking IFE? Mon, 19 November 2007 21:47 Go to next message

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Hi all,

In a few recent games I see IT is banned from taking IFE.

The advantages of IFE that I see for IT are:
* If not NRSE, start with Radram (useful for scouts imo);
* If NRSE, only research 1 prop to AD8, which is a neat early combat drive once you have CCs;
* Start @ 6 means no prop research for inf/300 gates (and CCs along the way);
* FM and extended fuel eff for going to those distant early colonies, allowing for that narrower hab which leverages the IT gate advantages;
* Starting FM/Pvt means not using Radram/Pvt which means not having to think about rad imm/extreme right shifted rad so much.

Have I missed anything?

On the flipside, IFE 'costs' almost as much as going cheap prop, and certainly as much as normal prop. With NRSE and a few other LRTs, you're easily at 6 LRTs, and even IFE+NRSE is costing you nearly as much as (no IFE, no NRSE) prop normal - and if ever there was a race that can use prop normal, IT seems to be it.

So if an IT wants to take IFE, well, 'Go for it!' I say.

I'm thinking I'd be more inclined to say "No OBRM" than "No IFE". Yeah, IT can deal with big heavy remote miners better than most, but really, who can balance planetary minerals better than IT? Seems to me IT needs remote miners *less* than anyone else. Seems IT can balance pop better than anyone too. So OBRM is actually a bigger gain for IT than most since they can exploit the positive and the negative aspects better than most - if not all - other races. And its a point mine.

But back to the question.

Is that early FM/Pvt expansion and the ease of getting inf/300 gates enough to make 'no IFE' the right choice, or is there a better choice for limiting IT?


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Re: Why ban IT from taking IFE? Tue, 20 November 2007 09:16 Go to previous messageGo to next message
velvetthroat57 is currently offline velvetthroat57

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When I play IT I don't take IFE anyway so it makes no difference to me if IFE is banned. Radrams are a bit slower but warp 6 refueling helps a lot and the RW savings is significant so I would say 'no IFE' isn't a penalty at all.

Your analysis seems spot on although without IFE I wouldn't think of going NRSE unless it was a packed universe.

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Re: Why ban IT from taking IFE? Tue, 20 November 2007 17:14 Go to previous message
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Yeah... Blocking IT from IFE doesn't really strike me as a penalty. IFE is of debatable worthiness in different situations as it is.

Heh, IMHO, I'd actually see forcing IFE on for IT as more of a handicap, but that's just my perspective and I don't feel like debating such an old tired point Smile

In general, I prefer the 'x points leftover' method of handicapping races, as it still leaves people room to be creative as they can still choose anything they want, so long as they can find the points elsewhere.

I think I can make an exception for disallowing NAS from JOAT though, that's one restriction that makes perfect sense to me Smile

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