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Scores and actual standings Fri, 08 April 2005 19:46
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I just want you all to know that the differences in placement in the standings you see are not very great. Currently, places 3-10 at least have scores with only around 150 points difference ( I know this from discussions with the other players around me). Some races with higher resources have lower scores than races with less resources.

In a game with 1 in 25 hab, scores can have very little meaning. Stars! creates the player score using a number of variables of which resources is only one. Points are awarded for the number of starbases (or space docks), the number of ships (differentieted in classes), the number of planets and, the amount of tech levels.

I started this game in last place - no.13. I stayed there for at least the first 5 years before I started to climb up. My gains in position have not been created solely by my resource count, but, in what I have done to create my empire. Only now am I approaching the score leaders (though I still have some way to go). I do not recommend anybody dropping this game at this time. It is so easy to kill a planet of your neighbor and move him down on the score sheet. Lose one decent green planet and you currently lose around 10-15% of your resources.

I can pretty much guarantee that nobody has much over 10k resources at this point. Use diplomacy, trade, make freinds and pick your enemies. Everyone has around the same amount of habitable planets AND, due to the fine work done by Iztok to set up this game for us, Germanium seems to be in abundance in the universe.

Those of you that have missed a number of turns now, please contact me. I do not want to see the AH files growing to large sizes from missed turns and need to know if you should be set to inactive. If you are still playing, let me know and, if you need a short term replacement I can help find one.


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