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The fun of SD Wed, 15 January 2003 21:56
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(Containing quotes from posts scattered around the forums before the PRT forums were setup.)

Coyote, in The Academy "Your Favorite Race"

Hey, I like SD. It's a devastating warrior prt if you know how to use it correctly. The catch is that few players below advanced level know how to use it correctly, and think of it as a "defensive" race that hides behind its mines.
Cheh. Laughing
It is unpopular to have as an enemy....Twisted Evil

Coyote, in The Academy "Your Favorite Race"

Think of this as an example:
You keep a few mml scouts zigzagging a year ahead of your attack force. This way your enemy can't rush in to intercept your main force without hitting mines. And you also have a protected resupply route. Not to mention your mines can surround the target worlds making reinforcement very difficult. And your ability to minesweep at warp 6 is a big offensive advantage too.
Now throw some cloaking into the mix...
The advantage of SD is that you slow down enemy movement to the point they're helpless against you.
Newbies: As far as detonations, they happen *after* movement, so you need to anticipate where the enemy will be ahead of time. And remember, many small fields are vastly superior to a few big ones.

freakyboy, in The Academy "Your Favorite Race"

It gets better....

People have mentioned the SS tactic of popping cloaked mine layers into enemy territory and laying some mines...

Now imagine popping an SD mine layer into enemy territory - not only can you enter @ warp 6 and thus cover more ground quicker you can escape quicker too. Drop some speed traps and stop their reinforcements, drop heavies to take out mining ships, or just lay the odd detonating minefield and ruin their supply system. Only and IT can avoid falling victim to this... but then if you lay a standard minefield over their minelayers away from home and detonate the field they lose their ability to replace their own mines, keep laying your own and hey presto you've gain some space once you clear out beginner

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