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1WW is almost like QS for others Wed, 16 June 2004 11:37


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I made some tries with almost 1WW IS in tiny packed alone and got mostly around 25k (constantly over 20k) resources by turn 50 + tech 16 at in 2 fields 11-12 in the rest. With "almost 1WW" i mean i shifted the all narrow hab 11 clicks from edge. That makes 1 in 14 at 11 clicks of terraforming (or 4 planets should be habitable from 59).

Math is simple: 200 resources from each red = 11K, full HW = 4K, 4 terraformed worlds with 2.5K in average = 10K. That is all together 25K. The pop what is needed for that can be easily (and timely) grown even with 19% growth or 20% growth with LSP. 20% without LSP grows significally more than needed. Nod

Playwise: NO much MM in testbed. It only takes some (~30) large freighters to grow pop (and carry) + 58 marias to colonize everything. The planets that can be terraformed must be identified timely (to colonize them asap), but i got tool for that.

Finally, if someone here think trying narrow hab IS idea in real game i must suggest that true IS QS with 1 in 20 (or better) initial hab usually gives 30k in same conditions so its significally stronger playwise. Wink

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