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WAR!!! Wed, 26 May 2004 12:25 Go to next message
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2477 was a tragic year for the Robinns who woke up under attack from the BFT and Conjoiners and several planets poorer.
The empire was taken by surprise as the BFTs and Conjoiners formerly enjoyed good relations with the Robinns.
The attack was wellplaned and the BFT and Conjoiner navies seem to have cooperated in this cowardly attack.
The BFT/Conjoiner alliance used also banned weapons like meteorites to bombard planets and killing a great number of innocent civilians in the process.
Military sources admit that they were taken by surprise but idicate that the attack was unprovocked and without any warning...
However as the moment of surprise has passed General Robinn assures us that things will change.
"They will regret making this move agaisnt the empire we will shoot down their fleets to the last ship, then we will dance on their graves and then we will bomb those for good measure!!!"
RNN- what about Robinn military losses?
General Robinn- Negligable , The BFT/Conjoiner fiends haven't met the bulk of our mighty fleet yet, when they do they will understand the mess they've got themselves into...
RNN- Any idea about the outcome of this war?
General Robinn- By 2480 we expect to have fought the invaders back, and by 2490 we expect to be in controll of most of the BFT/Conjoiner territories, we havent started this war but we will certainly finish it.
RNN- what about the rumours that a huge asteroids is on its way to the capitol planet
General Robinn - Rubish , this rumours have been launched by our ennemies in a futile attempt to start a panic in the Robinn population but our people are way to courageous and they know that we will protect them....erm by the way got to go , have a shuttle to reach...
RNN-That was it for today on RNN

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Stars! Nova developer

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The sudden and unprovoked attack on the honerable Robbins saddens us as the Robbins have been under a "Protectorate" of the Blob/Ancient/Vintillius alliance for some time now.

This has not been made public as we still wanted the Robbins to have some form of autonimy in their relations with other races.

We would like the Offending races to remove thier ships and war will be avoided.

We would also like the other races (Psilons and Bolariuns) to pressure the Conjoiners/BFT to leave and FORMALLY declare war and give a decent 2-5 year window like civilised races.

Afterall, how can anybody trust a race that would attack a nieghbour with whom you have a NAP without warning??)

Alter Ego

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Re: WAR!!! Thu, 27 May 2004 10:15 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Only one year after the traitrous and coward surprise attack from the Conjoiner/BFT's against the glorious Robinn empire and reactions came quickly from the honorable and brave Blob/Ancient/Vintilli coalition which has offered its unconditional support to the empire against the fiends from the South, The empire of course has accepted the aid from its new allies which will probably considerably shorten this war and spare much military and civilian loss.
We have now the general Robinn here for an exclusive interview...
-RNN: general Robinn, how is the war going?
-General: the enemy has allready met considerable resistance and things will grow worse for them as time go , i can tell you that.
-RNN: What about the rumours that the capitol planets has been hit by a mineral packet, which caused much civilian and material loss.
-General: the Conjoiners are coward using such weapons while causing much damage they will never bend the will of the courageous Robinns. As for the status of the capitol, let's just say that we have full controll of it and the region around and most of the core systems, the enemy ships which have penetrated into Robinns territory will not come out alive...
-RNN: The Blob/Ancient/VIntilli coalition has promised to aid the Robinn empire against those enemy , how will it affect the war do you think?
-General: For me their is no doubt that with their help, this war will be considerably shorter and our victory complete, the Conjoiner/BFT will learn that attacking the righteous Robinn empire can have dire consequences..
-RNN: Thank you general Robinn for those information , it was RNN live from the battlefield...

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Re: WAR!!! Fri, 28 May 2004 12:13 Go to previous message
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Unfortunatly, teh representatives of the Conjoiner closed council are unable to be with us dircetly at the moment, but at their behest I have a message to transmit.

*A form materializes within a holographic vid panel*


As speaker for the Closed Council of the Conjoined we must state that no
agreement between the Conjoiners and the Robbins existed at the time of said
'cowardly' attack. The collective of the Conjoined do not ascribe to any
narrow band of honor or dishonor. We are bound by our bilateral agreements
with neighboring parties. We have followed each agreement to the letter.
After this we engaged in a policy to secure our region. This required a
military attack.

Now some background on the Robbin/Conjoiner relations:

We would be saddened if the LG Blobs sullied our good relations by
interfering in matters not of their own business. We have made a 5 year
breaking clause with all parties. The Robbins have consistently been the
most difficult of our neighbors and had broken the agreement, colonizing a
restricted world. We admit, that upon noticing this, we too violated the
agreement and took some liberties with planets as the aforementioned treaty
was effectively null and void. Furthermore, we engaged in our 'cowardly'
attack 5 years after the of our treaty (which we adhered to other than the
counter-violations) with the Robbins expired (in 2470). We cannot be blamed
if the Robbins keep poor records. After that, once the decision was made to
neutralize the Robin fleet, the Closed Council sought out the most efficient
tactical solution. Currently, the Robbins may have numbers to their fleet,
but they've been denied access to their own starbases. Perhaps, in the next
life they will learn to build defenses like all practical civilizations.

As for the reports of fierce resistance, the conjoiner resistance has seen
little. The Conjoiners urge that neighbors remain reasonable and continue
their good relations. The Robbins were a difficult trading partner anyhow.
All others have been quite generous to the Conjoiners, and as such we would
like to continue a mutually profitable relationship.

As for the political pressure, the Conjoiners fleet will maintain neutrality
unless provoked. If non-Robin ships approach a battle zone without prior
contact and notification of fully peaceful intentions, the Conjoiners
Security will be forced to consider said parties enemy combatants and will
not be restricted from annihilating offending ships.

The Conjoiners have no interest in engaging in other's costly regional
conflicts. However, if we are forced to, we can make said conflicts
excruciatingly expensive. Please contact the closed council if you plan to
discontinue relations in favorable status.

Message ends.

-Peter, Lord of the Big Furry Things

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