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Observation Mon, 15 March 2004 04:07 Go to next message
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Has anybody noticed this game is a bit one sided???? Shocked

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a BIT?!!! Rolling Eyes

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Note that the following comments are directed in general towards the enemies of the Playpi and not to any race in particular:

I hate to say, but by 2486 I'll have completed all the research for the new ships and then the game will be even more one sided ! Hit over head

I was going to make the designs that everyone has already seen my last and final designs, but the minefields became a bit of a nuisance and I thought, well why not get some decent technology? Yes

Currently devoting around 220-225k to tech each year.
Uh Oh

As of 2486 technology obtained will be:

Energy 22 = Complete phase shield
Weap 26 = Anti matter pulveriser
Prop 23 = Trans star 10 engine
Cons 26 = Nubian hull
Elec 19 = Battle Nexus
Bio 25 = I have TT so "all" planets have been green
for my race for quite some time. Disco

Two Nub designs will be built.
One will mainly have AMP's, but will also have plenty of shields - well you know, typical Nub AMP type design. UFO

The other will have Armageddons on board, but will be safely gateable through 300/500 gates. There will be enough Battle Nexus on board to always have the highest initiative, no matter how many computers you put on an Advanced starbase (even if you get Battle Nexus). Of course to get higher initiative you could research Nubs and Battle Nexus yourselves, but that will take some time.
Orders, when attacking your planets, will of course be set to "kill starbase" with "any" selected as the secondary target. 2 Guns

I'll also build a decent bomber. The mini bombers have served quite well, but now that people are building more defenses, the standard LBU/cherry combination will be utilised and just in case someone gets mean, I'll be building freighter chaff (if you don't know what that's for or how it works, ask me at the end of the game and I'll be happy to advise). Whisper

Not much has been built for quite some years and I have heaps of minerals (= lots of ships to be built).
Also stole lots from the Spaniards when it was flung at warp7 towards May, by intercepting with cloaked ships. I eventually ran out of stealthy ships and had to start using regular LF's (sorry about that Phil, I know it was mean!). Twisted Evil

So once these laser Nubs are built, standard minefields will only be a minor inconvenience. I'll simply send 3-4 Nubs through each of your fields and decimate them. If my nubs get stopped, only miniscule damage will be sustained.
Oh yeah, the one other design I forgot to mention was a 98% cloaked Nub with either AMP's or Big Mutha's (I haven't decided yet). That way you won't be able to target individual minesweeping ships with a larger fleet of BB's to gain free tech.
Considering that there's no IS in the game and the only SD has dropped out, my ships will be unstoppable! Blue bounce

In case you wondered why my race is not growing as fast in the last couple of years as compared to how it was; the simple explanation is that I'm devoting almost 100% resources to research. Trophy
Not something that I normally like to do, but it means that I get the tech I want one year earlier. Once I've completed Energy22 (2486) I'll then re-allocate the resources to either improving any planets that are not yet up to scratch or building warships. Most planets you can see that have starbases will be building warships, so be prepared to face swarms of Nubs !!! Whip

Finally, I'd like to advise that I have no problems with players calling an early vote. Deal I was thinking that it must be kind of boring for everyone else anyway and would have no qualms about that occuring just before the Nubs are built. If everyone wants to continue then that's fine too. Dueling

P.S. Apologies if any of the above appears boastful. It's not my intention. I simply want to make people aware of the reality of the situation ...... Angel

[Updated on: Tue, 16 March 2004 20:46]

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Re: Observation Sun, 28 March 2004 06:04 Go to previous message

Officer Cadet 2nd Year

Messages: 240
Registered: January 2003
Location: Australia

The other will have Armageddons on board, but will be safely gateable through 300/500 gates.

That was a typo, I meant Omega's. If I had gone with Armageddons I could safely only fit four of them onboard to make them safely gateable - that would be no good.
Admittedly Armageddons have greater range and with 19 Battle Nexus onboard Smile they become very very accurate. They also have the advantage of doing double damage against ships that have had their shields depleted, but still I do like Omega's better in this instance.

Anyhow, the first lot of Nubs have already been built. As previously mentioned there are three designs. All built for maximum damage against whatever you can throw at them.

Also built a B17 bomber design with 3 x LBU-32's and 2 x Cherries.
I could have built them with 1 x LBU-74 and 3 x Cherries or alternatively smart bombs could have been used along with OA's, but I have so many planets now, that taking planets intact is not really that relevant to me, whereas devastating a planet in one turn is more the objective.

Anyhow, that's enough waffle on about what I'm doing, you'll get to see the new designs soon enough. Cool

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