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Schedule (and replacement?) Mon, 01 December 2003 07:32
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I looked through all my old emails and postings about this game, and it turns out that I was wrong. I had thought that the game would switch to 3 gens per week. That is what I normally look for. I was looking at several games when this one started, and I must have seen that in the other games.

So, as I stated my my other email, due to changed RL circumstances I have little time for games right now, and I will not have time for 5 turns a week once the game gets more complicated. As it is there are messages from several players that I STILL have not returned.

The point: I will not be able to stay with this game through conclusion, especially if there are so many players in a hurry.

I will begin looking for a replacement player now. I will try to find someone who will stay with my current alliance.

I will accept any help from the host, if any of the other replacement players he found are still looking.

Too bad, because the game is very interesting despite a crummy planet distribution.


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