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The Hirota & The Culture Sat, 23 August 2003 22:37
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By official decree of House Settembrini-

If the Hirota do not resume control of their empire within 3 turns, then I will finish what the Cancer have started. If they do decide to return, then I will continue to pursue the Cancer to the edge of Hirota empire, relinquishing the Hirota's planets along the path.

The need for an alliance with the Culture has also come to an end. I will disengage my tech-trading ships, and I do not expect any further minelayers from them. I expect the current stable configuration of planets to be maintained, and although the Culture are not welcome to use my stargates, nor shall I use theirs, I will maintain an official 'friendly' relation with them.

These changes in relations do not extend to my current allies, the 4s and the Ur-Quan Korh-Ah. They are free to make their own relations.

One may speculate why I've chosen to disengage at this time, and the answer is that it's clear that I am containing the Cancer threat, with no real help from the Culture, while they grow strong. House Settembrini will remain the strongest race in this universe.

-Ludvico Settembrini

they made me do it

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