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Polygon has ended Wed, 09 March 2022 21:44 Go to next message
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Congratulations to Player 9 - The Polygons for winning by vote of the final players. The game took 14.5 months and 150 years to complete. Tales will be told, songs shall be sung of the great war!

I'll leave it up to each of you to reveal your names - we had a couple of drops, including CCMaster, who I still haven't heard from.

It was a tricky start, but I'm glad to referee you all. Thanks for playing, gentlebeings!

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Re: Polygon has ended Sat, 12 March 2022 16:36 Go to previous message
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The Short Story of The Vaccines (Player 7)

Race: WM
LRTs: IFE+NRSE, OBRM, NAS (this hurted), RS
Habs: Gravity immune, others wide, 1 in 3 planets, 15% growth (a bit low)
Factories: 1000 col, 10/9/16, g checked.
Mines: 10/3/13
Research: Weapons cheap, rest expensive.

The start was very rough, I was dealt a pretty bad card, with 1 in 3 habitable, I was somehow expecting more greens around me. Out of 19 planets there were only 5, so just 1 in 4. 6-7 Would've been nice Wink



Was hoping to get fast to center and colonize, but if I remember correctly even my first colonizers had trouble with my nemesis - Player 6 (Iron Maidens / Eddie) who was super-stealth and factory-less (I assume).
With Hornets below me on the map I never seriously engaged.

Battle with Iron Maidens

So we stared shooting each other pretty early on, I was always behind with tech, he got BBs, I still had cruisers. WMs have bad planet defenses. I had terrible energy technology, I was exterminated with packets flung by Ultra Driver 10 (Energy 15). Couldn't do much to fight it.

The whole game I was at place 5-7, so not much competition, but still hoped to build my fleet of WM dreadnoughts and have a brief period until nubians to fight back. Anyway, the end for me was pretty clear when I saw Battle Nexus (Elec 19) tech, and then later first nubians, which can easily weight around 300kT and be gateable. If I invested all my resources to research, I would've needed 40 turns to get nubians at that point. Unrealistic. So I decided to build my fleet of Dreadnoughts and still try and do some damage, did not want to go out without the fight.

After loosing my position in the center of the galaxy. The end was near. So for the fun of it decided to go with some guerilla warfare, built 97% cloaked ships and bombers, and send them to Iron Maidens. I knew this would just be a poke, but wanted to have some fun. I had some success in that campaign, bombed quite a few of his home cluster planets, but once the surprise element disappeared, he easily squashed my rogue fleet.

Hopefully this took his attention away and that is the reason he did not win this game Smile

It was a fun experience, the longest game I've ever played. First time playing WM, pretty tough without the mines. That NAS really hurt because I had no idea where the most valuable enemy planets are. 15% also could be increased a couple points instead of wide habitability ranges.

And yes indeed, my latest ship designs were called Pfizer, Moderna, Hydroxychloroquine and similar Smile

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