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Two new game ideas Fri, 13 December 2019 07:34 Go to next message
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Having just finished up Plain Vanilla, I already find myself longing for an active Stars! game. So, I'm proposing two possible new games. These are not, by any means, the only two games I'd be interested in, just two that intrigue me.

My first, and favorite, is the team game option that was briefly discussed in the Don't Stop, Can't Stop forum. This would be a Pentacle - style game - a large cluster of stars in the middle, with smaller clusters ringing it, each cluster belonging to a team. Victor commented at that time that this would require at least 10 players, making it potentially a large commitment from the host. Nevertheless, I would VERY much like a team game, so I'm hoping Victor or another generous host will take on this task.

My second option attempts to address a tendency among many Stars! players, myself included. One thing that a lot of us do NOT like to do is get into early fights. We like to build slowly, and build big. This is not universal by any means, but certainly common. Doing a no-comms game can address some of this - if nobody can be your friend, anybody you encounter is automatically your enemy - but I don't like the no-comms option because diplomacy is an important part of any strategy game. My thought here is computer players, interspersed among the human players. AIs probably will not be significant forces late in the game, and human alliances will no doubt crush them mid-late game. However, early in the game, AIs will force human players to build warships and get into fights. If they're spread evenly, this shouldn't cause unfair advantages or disadvantages - everybody has an AI player close by. At the same time, your ultimate success in the game would be, in large part, affected by how well you dealt with your early AI opponent(s). I'll put a disclaimer here: I've never been part of a multiplayer game that included AIs. I don't know the difficulties of doing that.


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Re: Two new game ideas Sun, 15 December 2019 21:57 Go to previous message
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AI player in a multiplayer game will unbalance it. Gives -f races much more advantage, they dont need kolonizers and so on.
The base idea is a good idea. But without a fixed team and every player gets a own cluster, seems for me more interresting.


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