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Would this race be playable? Fri, 02 December 2011 04:06 Go to next message
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I came up with the following race a while ago, but haven't had the will to fully testbed it and see whether it's viable.

imm (-120)-120 16-84
Weap cheap rest expensive start @ 3
0 pts left over

I doubt many people would want to play this sort of race, but it seems to me to have potential.

From the limited testbedding I've done with it, I can tell you that building factories early is NOT a good idea. Colonies being fed even a little pop will mature to exporting their own pop on a shorter timescale than the payback time of your factories, and they need those resources to build a dock and some mines.

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Re: Would this race be playable? Fri, 02 December 2011 09:48 Go to previous message
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Hi ,

some thoughts:

1. You should take IFE even with your Mizers you normaly need
the fule special with minikolonizer and cargopod.

2. You should change the habs a little bit small Grav and wide
Temp gives you a better Terraforming ( you should have weapon
tech earlier)

3. Mines : you could go with lower Mines and maybe for this check
the Ger. Box if you want so much faktories at all.

Then you should get a good testbed.


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