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trophy.gif  Fledgling Admirals V Mon, 23 November 2009 10:07 Go to next message
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In the longest Fledgling Admiral game ever, with some players maxing out weapons and construction tech and massproducing Nubians, finally, in the year 2506 victory was achieved!

Congrats to the Hypos! Congrats to Hypokris and John who played the Hypos!

In the first 79 years the Hypos were well played by Hypokris who built up the Hypos and brought them to rank 1. Due to RL and a happy childbirth he had to leave the game then.

Due to a very steep learning curve of the "beginners", setting up a a very fierce competition and fight versus the Hypos, I was happy to find John as an experienced replacement for the Hypos. He took over for the last 27 years in which he managed to crush the Western Alliance of Flames and Space Dragons, played by Xyligun and Scottrick49. And now also the Northern Alliance of the Leonidae and Zeps, played by Leon and Joel, gave up.

Well played by all players!

I really hope to see some players posting their views and experiences with the game. Feel free to at least just copy some of the stuff already posted in the private forum. If in need of maps, please, just ask and I'll try to deliver them.

Game stats as announced.

[Updated on: Mon, 23 November 2009 10:27]

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Greetings to all! - (a final message from the Zeps.) I quite enjoyed my re-entry into the world of Stars. I would say excellent performance by almost every one of the players. Comments and suggestions; I played with CE LRT in order to make up the 100 pts I lost because of having played before. Wow! what a mistake! My partner could never count on me showing up for battles and the MT was SO much harder to catch. IMHO, don't EVER choose this LRT! Like, NEVER! Mad Wellll, What a fun game! I played as a stoned zombie (LED)Zepplin Fan, of course! Using song names for my ships and bases, I nearly made it through the Fearsome Foursome's entire repetoire by the end of this long game. My "Black Country Woman" would have been a sight to see - ah! Terrific play by the Hypo led to a severe resource disparity about midway into the game. The other players were savvy enough to team up to try and put the whammy on the leader - but we couldn't quite pull it off. I'm willing to shoulder the majority of the responsibility for the loss, as I saw the Hypos moving against the Dragons - had an opportunity to step in - but decided to CMA instead. In the end, it was the wrong decision. Once one member of our non-alliance fell, the Hypo had all the grist he needed to steamroll the other three. Altruist, I would suggest more of a penalty for the CA PRT in future games. It seems to be far and away the best race for a game of this type. Then again, who'da thunk it would go so long? Shocked . Thanx ever so much for the game! You're the Host with the Most! Cool Zeps out. Mechanic is lookin for a NEW -game Very Happy

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