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MT Tue, 15 April 2003 05:00 Go to next message
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Am I the only one wondering what the MT is waiting for???

Well... that happens...

Anybody willing to chat about nice/useless items?

I really like
- the Enigma Pulsar
- the Mega Poly Shell
- the Hush Bomb
(and of I have OBRM the alien miner)

what are your favourites?

Also you might be willing to discuss what to do if the MT
brings tech-levels and you got some turns until you meet him.
Research a lot before you do, ok... but what? The expensive
levels? The cheap ones? Think about it Very Happy

And the MT ships?
In turn 45 or so the nubian whould habe been a great advantage,
but now.... its not that great...
The other ships have one real advantage, does anybody know what?

If you dont feel you need them, what do you think should be done
best with them?

If you want to learn about Stars, participate in this discussion,
a lot to learn here.... (I think)

ok... any comments?


2b v !2b -> ?

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Re: MT Tue, 15 April 2003 14:44 Go to previous message
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Given the timeframe of this game, I think I'd find the Hush-A-Boom useful, as you need to get to Weap15 for the Enriched Neutron bomb, for greater kill percentage, and the low weight means that non-ITs can have some gateable bombers. The fact that it's dirt cheap is a bonus.

I also wouldn't mind the multi-function pod. Since it counts as a manuvering jet anyway, and any beamer relying on speed will need those jets, it would be a big hand, adding jamming against missile ships, which tend to be low accuracy and vulnerable to jamming at this stage, and the cloak is just icing on the cake.

As for the Enigma Pulsar, who wouldn't want that? If you didn't take NRSE, it's the earliest Warp 10 engine, extremely fuel efficient, it cloaks, and acts as a manuevering jet. If you DID take NRSE, then it's an awesome Ramscoop type engine for you, much better than the FM.

The Alien Miner is always nice if you took OBRM, and I think everyone is already beyond the tech required for it, or very close at least.

At this point in the game, the Langston Shell would be a nice bonus, I'd think, since it would give your warships, particularly beamers, a major advantage until the Gorilla Delegator appears on the field, and even then it's still useful.

I think that about covers it.

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