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Shtirlyugi planets Fri, 11 April 2003 07:40 Go to next message
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Greetings from Lord Crike of the Kalsha Central Gov

Communication seems to be a little thin in this part of the galaxy so I will use this communication as an attempt to improve the communication between races.

Starting off, I would like to apologise to the Shtirlyugi for my invasion of their planets. I have no more hostile intentions towards you than the immediate security of my empire but have to say that the Shtirlyugi colonisation scheme does leave new colonies extremely vulnerable. The Shtirlyugi also stated no intention of helping by moving their colonists away so I was left with little choice. I believe this is similar to the start of the situation between the Shtirlyugi and the Warbles.

All bloodshed will stop when the offending Shtirlyugi planets have been taken over.

Everything else seems remarkably peaceful but would be happy to offer services of information trading in a weak attempt to establish who are the top three races. I reside in the North West of the galaxy but know little of the South and the East.

Still searching

Lord Crike of the Kalsha Central Gov

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Re: Shtirlyugi planets Fri, 11 April 2003 09:02 Go to previous messageGo to next message


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Since I hail from the south east corner, the Shtirlugi have colonsied far indeed if you are forced to the same actions as I. Tho for myself I'm going to continue to invade Shtirlugi worlds - I have to expand somewhere and one enemy is better than two.

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Re: Shtirlyugi planets Fri, 02 May 2003 19:37 Go to previous message
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Behold! Shtirlyugi's command & communication center is on.

Well, it's been a mistake to go for colonizing so many planets with such a miserable number of colonists(well, playing with AIs softens brain tissue, i admit). Farewell, my brothers in blood who were raped, killed, eaten, used at fertilizing factories or whatever else those hoards of evil aliens do to my people!
What we have left to do is to trade our lives dearly. No remorse. We have our stone axes sharp and greased with finest olive oil.
Hope you, scary thing will see us in nightmares long after we cease breathing.
MSg to Arcadia - need refueling help with that frigate near Limbo? i can help...

Shtirlyugi over.
SSSSHHSHSH (white noise, relict radiation)

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