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icon7.gif  What's your fave econ model? Wed, 06 November 2002 04:21 Go to next message
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Favorite Econ Model[ 47 votes ]
1. Hyper Production 10 / 21%
2. Hyper Growth 9 / 19%
3. Hyper Resource (QS) 9 / 19%
4. Factoryless 7 / 15%
5. Wacky Hybrid 2 / 4%
6. Alternate Reality 3 / 6%
7. Undecided 4 / 9%
8. The monkeys with typewriters handle all of that trivial stuff 3 / 6%

This poll thing looks fun. Surprised
Anyway, in response to the PRT poll, I'll put this one up. After all, economy affects how you play a lot more than PRT does.

[Updated on: Wed, 06 November 2002 04:29]

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Re: What's your fave econ model? Tue, 19 November 2002 23:24 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I voted AR, because they're the most fun. However I'd say HG will probably win, since its the easiest to play.

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icon6.gif  Re: What's your fave econ model? Thu, 21 November 2002 13:42 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Greetings all,

Though I play numberous Econ Modles acording to the situation I am in and my game surroundings, I have got to say that -f has got to be the most fun Econ modle in the game. AR is similar but requires a little more work and is able to out produce a -f. -F style econs are designed to FORCE you to be agressive and expand expand expand, to grow like no slob has grown before. Besides being able to consume a neighbor with ships they never thought possible by year 20 can be pretty scary! Very Happy

Just my 2c,

"Attaining one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the pinnacle of excellence. Subjugating the enemy's army without fighting is the true pinnacle of excellence."- Sun Tzu

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icon9.gif  Re: What's your fave econ model? Fri, 22 November 2002 17:23 Go to previous message

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I love -f races (waves hi to Ron)....(ducks)......OWIE......(note to self: Self. Duck faster).

I was wondering if anyone out there might have some interest in an all -f game? CA -f races are just purely evil so I suspect that they should be banned but you must admit it would make for a nice friendly game and we'd even be ecologically correct Very Happy

ps: (I'm posting it here because I suspect if a bunch of people say yes that it will mean I'm gonna have to learn how to host Rolling Eyes ).

If you can't trust me, who can't you trust?

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