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Summary Sat, 04 September 2004 15:57 Go to next message
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Well, since the general consensus is that this game is done... I guess I'll put in a few words:

Statistics first off:
The Guild sold 453 Jumpgate freighters with:
40% purchased by the Kwie,
28% purchased by the Funny Bunnies,
11% purchased by the Sivxi,
9% purchased by Sprocket.

The Guild received 180721 KT of minerals for purchase of ships...
This does not include battlespoils...

The largest battlespoil was 60000 Kt of mins from a battle a couple of years ago resulting in the Kwie receiving 41 jumpgate freighters filled with mins!!!

Eyeballing the universe right now I would rate the players in the following order first to last:
Kwie, Funny Bunny, Sauron, Zentoid, Valkyrie, Kotosians, 17'rs, Sivxi, Hamalki, Sprocket.

This rating is based first on presence in clusters, next on planets, next on pop...

It certainly has been a game of ups and downs... with Sivxi first on the up and then Sprocket, and then finally Funny Bunnies and Kwie.

Interestingly enough this game has shown a comeback for the tri-immune HE race... Kwie was such a creature... something to think about Wink

Its been a fun game, too bad the freedom-fighters did not come into the picture... but oh well, it was just a diversion anyway Smile (like the Easter Eggs)

Anyway, thank you everyone for sticking it out and making a game which was truly enjoyable... even for the host.

Congratulations Whist! and an honorable mention to Edog.


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Re: Summary of 12 Gates Tue, 07 September 2004 15:51 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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If you have any comments/criticisms of the scenario or anything you wish to say for posterity's sake. You may write them here and I will move them out to the bar later.

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Re: Summary Thu, 09 September 2004 18:43 Go to previous message
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"The Guild has relinquished all worlds to the Kwie.
Congratulations Kwie!"

The galactic audience awaits as the Kwie Singularii steps up to the podium. The Golden All-Gate-Worlds Key glowing with the inner radiance that only Guild craftsmen can attain. A slight
smile twitches at the corner of The Singularii's mouth. He looks at the audience, searching for the specific galactic leaders table. The smile spreads wider...

"This special occasion demands mention of the multiple ironies afforded by fate. At this time, I would like to thank many people who helped me gain this key. I especially want to thank the Sprockets. It was his satirical post that inspired my HE race design... Additionally, his in-game actions initiated the conflict that allowed me to destroy the largest threat to Kwie dominance. Without your inspiration and your help, the galaxy would not be where it is today...

Edog also deserves special recognition. He stuck to his NAP and alliance when breaking it might have helped him get farther ahead...

____________________________________________________________ _____

Race Design
After thinking and reading about the 12 gates concept, I realized that the traditional way of viewing the galaxy needed alteration. Instead of a galaxy 3000ly from side to side, the galaxy was only at the most 300lys across. Basically, the any/any gates stacked or linked the sectors to each other in such a way that the distance from a planet in sector A to a planet in sector B was how far they were from their respective gateworlds. This might seem intuitive but this realization shaped my race design. Additionally, I theroized that the dominate economy would be HP, with races attempting to maximize
their respective sectors.An HP too slow but about par with everyone else. A -f race would be fast but not have the long-term resources needed.

One last consideration was the victory condition. The uncontested control of all 12 gates did not mean Huge fleets battleing over gate control. It meant domination of the surrounding planets and cutting them off from gate access.

With this in mind, I needed something fast, with a great Hab range, and with the ability to grow long-term. So when Sprocket suggested HE, I considered it. Its disadvantages were countered with the scenario's gates. So this is the design I went with:

6% (HE doubles to 12%)
15/6/16 (factories)
box unchecked
Weap, Con -cheap
En, Elec - normal
Prop, Bio - Expensive
21 points spent on Factories.

Upon reflection, the only thing I NEEDED to change was the Mine settings. There was always a mineral shortage. Also, I did not need such High factory settings (I never do! Smile ). LSP hurt for a long time. But I figured that by turn 20-25 I was outpacing everyone elses pop growth because I was growing everywhere at 12%! I gambled that the game would be longer term, thats why the
LSP. OH, and CE was manditory (it still sucked!) but being able to throw lots of ships together quicker and cheaper helped secure my sectors.The only other thing I should have picked was the RS...


My goal was threefold.
Fill up my sector as quickly as possible. (yeah tri-immune!)
Build enough scouts to find all the other sector gateworlds. (knowledge is power)
Find the weakest players and take over their sectors. (I Am HE you know! Smile )

Later strategy
Scout every gate every year (except Funny Bunnies(is)) (to assess the fleet strengths)
Establish long range scanners to cover every sector(95% cloaked morph w/ 875ly range)
Diplomatically keep everyone in the dark about my true strength and abilities (I think it worked!)

Turns 1-20ish
Concentrated upon sector colonization and finding my stargate.

Once the gates were open, finding all the gateworlds.
I had about 10 scouts prepared to jump. Each year I would add a few more. The number was built up to 30 scouts. I would send 15 to one sector and 15 to another sector. More often then not, I would find out where 2 gateworlds were during one turn.

After I realized that there was one open sector, I concentrated upon finding it. Finding and defending this sector was one of the few ways that I could survive. After gaining Large Frieghter
capability, I bought a few and colonized the new sector.

Turns 26-35
Once I found the gates I concentrated upon determining who was in the galaxy and building treaties with everyone who would have one. I also concentrated upon building tech and making tech alliances. After about turn 32, the Funny Bunnies(IS) discovered the empty sector of Zanzibar. At first they scouted tentatively, thinking it was my HW sector. But When they discovered the sector HW as being empty they realized they could possibly gain more territory. Funny Bunnies decided to convince me that we could "share" the sector and gain a tactical advantage over everyone. Since I already viewed the sector as mine, I did not like this. War could have happened but it was just too early. AND he could have made a huge horde fleet of mini-gat frigates, which I did not want to mess with.

Turns 36-50
Trading, building, and avoiding nastiness. The Sprocket(CA) and Sivxi(CA) war occurred around this time. I stayed as neutral as I could, helping both sides with tech and whatever. My main goal was to help the 17'ers(IS) stay alive. (the sivxi invaded the 17'ers sector. The sprocket decided to help the 17'ers cause they were being attacked. The war resolved into sprocket(CA), valkeri(JOAT), 17'ers(IS), and maybe Mordorians(AR) against Sivxi and Tyrania(ar)) I was happy about this conflict cause they were fighting and I was growing...Smile Funny Bunnies liked it too. They were able to move into the Saidakoo sector and overpower them into nothingness. After a few turns I convinced the FB's that I should share that sector with him.

Turn 51-70
NAP-5 with FB, Zentoids, 17'ers, sprocket, Valkeri, Kotosians?,
NAP-3 with SivxiI saved records from about this time, so I will update this post with my resource level and stats.During this time, the Zentoids(WM) and I decided to attack the Mordorians(AR). Within 5 turns of that decision I was more then ready, but Zentoids dragged his feet like crazy. Maybe his econ. was not up for it but I felt he was very slow! Also, the war was going bad for the Sivxi(CA) and I was promising to help. However, I did not want to have everyone think I attacked the Mordorians by myself (don't be a target!) and waited maybe 10 more turns while the Mordorians prepared. I finally told him to send in his gate guard and We jumped in and overwhelmed the Mordorians.
In the first 5 turns we destroyed his ability to defend himself along with most of his starbases. I had quickly completed all my objectives but the Zentoids still had a number of unclaimed bases to the south.

While waiting for the Mordorians and consolidating my forces in the Mordorians sector (colonizing planets ect.), I had been preparing to attack the other AR in the south-east corner of the galaxy. The one problem with this is Sivxi had told me that he would attack instantly if I attacked Tyrania. So I wanted to attack the AR while the Sivxi were at war with the sprockets.
At the same time, I needed a large enough fleet to take on both players if needed. I was also waiting to see if the Zentoids(WM) would join my attack.

Crucial event
At this point in time a crucial event occurred. The sprockets had ended their war with the Sivxi and had jumped a large but somewhat outdated war-fleet into the spray sector(Mordorains sector). He orbited one of the few remaining mordorain starbases. The tricky part of this is I had told him to
stay away from the sector a few turns back. (he had sent in a few colonizers) I think the fleet was jumped in through a nearby worm-hole. So suddenly out of no-where I see a battle report involving a few of my scout/chaffe and this fleet in a sector that I now control. This fleet was large enough to take on anything in my sector. This is not happiness. Sprocket said that he was just "escorting" the last vestages of the Mordorians out of the sector, so they could remain in peace and comfort-- or
something... I could have taken this a number of ways. Based on my intel and paranoid concerns, I considered this a breaking of the NAP.

Current intel and a surprize.
About 5 years after the joint invasion of Mordorian space, the Sprockets and the Sivxi ended their war. I learned this a few years later. About the same time their war ended, Sprockets and
company(valkeri, 17'ers) sent messages to me and just about everyone else (Funny Bunnies and zentoids for sure) wanting a 10-yr NAP. They wanted the NAP with "everyone they were allied with" and it would include everyone the sprockets were allied with. First, this was a great ploy to determine any alliances. Secondly, it ended up shocking me because I never considered the Funny Bunnies as an ally. We had an NAP-10 but that was because we were intersettled and did not want any more mistrust or confusion then necessary. Third, it was most dangerous because the sprocket alliance was not attacking anyone. To make matters worse, they had just allied with everyone for a NAP-10. What did I determine? That they were researching like made to obtain weap26(which they got a few years later) and Nubs. At my current level of production it would take me about 10yrs to obtain the nubian hull. I believed that our resource production was very similar. So letting the sprocket alliance sit unapposed for that time was not a good thing. Then Sprocket jumped into the spray sector and did a little bullying. After talking to my newly
discovered allies, I decided to take the risk and push the issue.

Sprocket war
The sprockets were not prepared for the resistance. (I still don't understand how his action could be interpreted as anything other then bullying.) I sent messages to every one of the sprockets allies letting them know about the situation and that I considered it a break in the NAP. I also sent messages to the Sivxi letting them know if they wanted to attack the sprockets they would have help. My allies were cautious and were not able to help in any conflict. (after learning their tech levels I totally agree! I had the highest range3 beams and they were still in Colloidial or mid-blaster stage!) All in all, Sprocket had to have underestimated me. Otherwise, He would have been more careful or had at least asked me to allow the "withdrawl."
About 5 years after the incident in the spray sector, the NAP ended. I stuck with the escape clause even though I did not think it to be necessary. After that, I attacked. The sprocket fleet contained AMP BB's but they always died to my Range3 BB's. I killed his gate fleet and then moved into the sector. While this was occurring, I was playing the diplomatic game as hard and as much as I could to keep the Sprockets allies off my back. They did not attack so I think it worked. (or they did not have the ability to do anything).

The Vacation Problem
8-10 years later the sprockets lost the majority of their sector. Sprockets struck back by giving a lot of their tech to others. At the same time, I was researching Nubs. This was the first time I ever had nubs in a game. So I made a few mistakes. By this time I had 3 sectors with 25-30 capital-ship producing planets with over 1400 resources a turn. (remember I'm HE!) I was pushing upward of 75000resources with around 70ish planets.
And I was going on a month long vacation.

The star admiral.
I asked a friend to take over the fight while I was away. He was new(an avid gamer but no prior human stars experience). A few years before I handed control over to him I had invaded and crushed the Tyranian fleet. Additionally, I had sent another large fleet to attack the Sivxi (who had withdrawn their NAP a few year back.) I did this to kill tonnage. They had fleets orbiting the sector gateworlds and any fleet was a threat.
When I handed control over to Iromael, I was at war with Sprocket (lost control of HW sector), Sivxi(lost a large Fleet), Mordorians(relocating:)) and Tyrania(who had lost their fleet). I had an NAP with Funny Bunnies, Zentoids, 17'ers(tenative), Valkeri(tenative), and I was trying to court the Kotosians into a friendship stronger then an NAP.

The star admiral Kept my empire in 1st place. Stayed solvent and kept the intensity. He finished off the sprockets sector and attacked the Valkeri fleets, neutralizing the force around the Me Sector. He also tried blockadeing the kotosians, sivxi, Valkeri, and tyranian sectors. This drug the Kotosians into a very unwanted war.

The Return
When I returned I was pushing 120 planets. I dominated(controlled planets) in 4 sectors and had a prescence in 2 others. I was at or over 100,000 resources. I had about 300-400 capitol ships. And a war on a whole lot of fronts.... I regrouped, built bombers and about 12,000 chaffe (when you have 120 planets who can produce about 50-100 chaffe a turn... Smile )

After attempting diplomacy one more time with the kotosians, I gritted my teeth for the long haul. I destroyed the Valkeri resistance and began the looting of their sector. I also amassed fleets around the sivxi and sent taskforces to the tyrania sector.

The Finali (or the trap!)
The Kotosians, sivxi, and 17'ers were the only true threat left in the galaxy at this time. The funny bunnies were still a significant concern because they had so much territory close to mine. The Zentoids were still researching tech (not quite to weap21 yet). The K.S.17 alliance were the only group to contain enough gathered fleets to destroy my main fleet. While I was blockading the Sivxi sector, Kotosians moved their fleet to their gateworld(after the new player took over he denied my fleets battle on several occasians--a good choice). The 17'ers had a 30+ stack of missile nubs(6arms) around his stargate. And the Sivxi were within striking range of my fleets around his gateworld. My goal was to neutralize all these fleets (specifically the Kotosians--it was the largest and most dangerous). After analysing and testbedding, I could only win
by jumping my combined fleets into the kotosians sector. Which I did, and thereby avoiding the anvil and hammer trap by the K.S.17 alliance.

Thanking the Great Singularity, I sent a decent size diversionary fleet into the kotosian sector. I also dispersed my main fleet which could not withstand the combined might of the K.S.17 Alliance. Those were kinda tough times... I almost gave up hope... They should have attacked my HW sector then
or any other improtant sector (spray, zanzibar). Instead they followed the diversionary tactic and I was able, after reinforcements to blockade them in the kotosians sector.

After a few turns, I divided my fleet and sent part to overwhelm the Sivxi sector. They only had 8 or so planets left when the game ended and no defenses. I had gained a new sector with about 29 more planets, more minerals and fewer enemies.

Only in the last 20yrs or so did the Funny Bunnies formalize our agreement to form an alliance til the end. Up until that time, I was consistantly guarding my back or grimicing when I left large
portions of my space undefended.

Due to the nature of the Gateworlds, the only defenses needed were the ones orbiting the enemy sectors gateworld. For most of the game, the only ships at my gates were the ones being routed to the main battle fleets. Control of the gate is as important as Aircraft carriers are to naval warfare. Additionaly, I had built up defenses all my important worlds.

Finally, the most important thing is to know what's at every gateworld every turn.

AT the end game, I had 650 capitol ships, 13,500 chaffe, 400bombers, and I could make 30-40 moreships a turn (depending on what I built) I probably could have continued that for 5-10 years (maybe more depending on loot from the sivxi sector). Seriously, it was only a matter of time...

Maybe I could have won sooner, but I did not want to tip my hand too soon. Then for sure I would be facing the whole galaxy... That would have been a problem. Therefore I devised the strategy of occuping the planets surrounding each stargate.

I think the game lasted for about 100years...

Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing!
"At the end, only the Singulari will remain"
Quote from the Kwie Singulari at the 1st conference for Kwie Imperialism...

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