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Peace and prosperity ? Wed, 18 February 2004 12:51 Go to next message
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Welcome to all of our viewers from the whole universe for a new information bulletin from your favourite news channel : Robinn News Network. Very Happy
The year is 2422 and from what we know , peace and prosperity blossom in the universe Sun is out ,many races are still on the path of discovery and colonisation Confused3 , deals are made Deal , frontiers are drawn Do Not Enter and informations are exchanged Whisper . The universe is on a path of progress and peace Very Happy or is it... Twisted Evil
We at RNN have not heard otherwise...yet. Rolling Eyes , but if there are freelance journalists or sources out there who know something we don't know, please tell us Call , we'd love to hear the news and rumours from your quadrant.

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Re: Peace and prosperity ? Fri, 20 February 2004 11:31 Go to previous message
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Perhaps the Conjoiners or Oxen could enlighten us as to why their naval forces are engaging in so many manoeuvres in the North West! Unarmed Blob vessels have been intercepted and destroyed in the crossfire. What is the spark that can ignite such a storm? For the sake of peaceful development of <untranslatable concept>, our curiosity must be satisfied.

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, may your peoples find an accommodation that works!

LordAmoeba Diplomat
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