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RWIAB II Scoring Thu, 08 January 2004 14:18
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Posting this here first - will repeat on the other two game forums in a while. Also want the scoring understood so that when I put scores in the game review that fact that they differ from what your turn file says makes sense.

I am calculating the modified "RWIAB" score in this way. Note that it works completely from information available from the Score (F10) report.

1. Take starting Stars! score. Also uses the Planet count, Unarmed ship count, Escort ship count, Cap ship count, and the total Resources value.

2. Calculate Unarmed Ship Score Modifier
a. Calculate "normal" unarmed ship score. [This is # of unarmed ships x 0.5 with a ceiling value for # = number of planets the race has.]
b. Calculate "RWIAB" unarmed ship score. Same calculation as above *except* that if the race has fewer than 50 planets they are assumed to have 50 planets.
c. Unarmed Ship Modifier is calculated as (b) - (a)

3. Calculate Escort Ship Score Modifier
(Same as [2] except that escort ships are worth 2 points each up to the ceiling value.)

4. Calculate Cap Ship Score Modifier
Cap Ship formula is as follows:
(#planets x #cap_ships x 8 ) / (#planets + #cap_ships)
Modifier is similar to [2] since a race with <50 planets is granted a default value of 50 planets.

Note: A race with 50 or more planets will have modifers for (2), (3) and (4) of zero since a default floor of 50 is of no benefit to them.

5. Calculate Resource Score Modifier
a. Normal resource score is Resources/30
b. "RWIAB" resource score is Resources/50 (40% discount)
c. Modifier is (b) - (a). Comes out as a negative adjustment.

"RWIAB Score" is the original score plus the modifiers calculated in (2), (3), (4), and (5).

I've written up the calculations into a small exe utility. I'll make it available if a player wants to see/use it. I'll also probably post score updates at the tail-end of a RWIAB II game after the scores go public in 2490. [RWIAB IIC did not make it that far.] And the fact that everyone can check each other's scores for the last ten turns of the game *is* intentional. Very Happy

- Kurt aka "The Watcher"

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